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  • 014-3750-84
    Organ and Tissue Donor Registration

    Form completed by clients to record their wishes for organ/tissue donation
  • 5284
    Initial Return/Notice of Change/Annual Return by an Ontario Corporation - Corporations Information Act

    To file an initial return, notice of change or annual return by an Ontario corporation under the Corporations Information Act (CIA).
  • 018-0456
    Ontario FireRanger Employment Application Form

    Being a FireRanger with Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services is a rewarding job, physically demanding and can involve weeks away from home. Ontario FireRangers participate in resource management projects, training, equipment maintenance and fire prevention. The Ontario FireRanger Employment Application form is for anyone 18 years of age or older, can speak English and wishes to apply for a job as a FireRanger in Ontario.
  • on00405
    Shortline Railway Licence Application

    This form acts as either a new application for prospective provincially regulated shortline railway companies and/or as an update form for licensees to notify the Ministry of notable operational changes.
  • 018-0457
    Seasonal or Temporary Employment Application Form

    Being a Data Entry Clerk, a Driver, a Hose Plant Labourer or any of the other available seasonal or temporary employment with Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services can be rewarding. Seasonal and temporary employees participate in resource management projects, training and fire prevention. The Seasonal and Temporary Employment Application form is for anyone 18 years of age or order, can speak English and wishes to apply for a temporary or seasonal job in Ontario.
  • on00575
    Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program 2023-2024 Call for Proposals Application Guide

    Applicants interested in applying for the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program are to review the Application Guide. The purpose of the guide is to provide interested parties with background information on the program objectives, eligibility requirements for applications, eligible expenses and performance measurement. Beginning November 1, 2023 organizations can begin to apply for funding through Transfer Payment Ontario (TPON).
  • 006-3095
    Application for a Copy of an Adoption Order

    To allow adopted persons of at least 18 years old of age and adoptive parents to request a copy of the adopted person's adoption order with any information which identify a birth parent removed.
  • 003-nm-006
    Nutrient Mgmt Strategy Application

    To be completed by eligible farms under the Nutrient Management Act.
  • on00089
    Access or Correction Request

    Due to limited capacity to receive and process FOI requests, we might not be able to respond to requests within the legislated time frames. We will try our best to process requests and keep you updated.
  • on00557
    OMAFRA’s Meat Inspection Program Discussion Request Form

    This Meat Inspection Program Discussion Request Form is intended for use when further discussion is requested by producers/consigners and/or herd/flock veterinarians regarding condemnations or dispositions made at provincially licensed meat plants in Ontario and information included on Form 202: Whole and/or Partial Carcass(es) Condemnations.
  • on00459
    Marriage Officiant's Guide to Performing Marriage Ceremonies in Ontario

    This Guide has been developed to assist Marriage Officiants who are authorized to perform marriages in Ontario with understanding their existing legal responsibilities. This Guide applies to all Marriage Officiants (both registered and civil) authorized under Ontario’s Marriage Act and its Regulation.
  • 014-4521-84
    Application for Prior Approval for Full Payment of Insured Out-of-Country (OOC) & Out-of-Province (OOP) Laboratory & Genetics Testing

    The OOC/OOP PA Program eForm is designed to be completed and submitted electronically for application for prior approval for full payment of insured Out-of-Country (OOC) & Out-of-Province (OOP) laboratory and genetics testing services. English and French versions can be completed online or downloaded and saved for future use.
  • 004-vsp-005
    Attorney General's Victim Services Awards of Distinction – Nomination Form

    The Attorney General's Victim Services Awards of Distinction program recognizes individuals and organizations that have made exceptional contributions in their fields of service to victims, as well as victims or others who have been impacted by crime. Individuals who are nominating or have been nominated to receive an award are required to compete this form.
  • 006-3006
    Confirmation of Assignment

    Any person commencing a court proceeding to change the terms of their support order must complete a Confirmation of Assignment form to obtain information about whether their support order is assigned. The ministry will only provide information to the support payor, the support recipient or his/her lawyer. When the form is completed it must be sent to MCCSS, Confirmation of Assignment Unit.
  • 014-3693-87
    Trillium Drug Program Application

    The Trillium Drug Program Application is available on the Ontario Drug Benefit Program Online Applications and Forms website: https://forms.ontariodrugbenefit.ca/. If you are not able to complete the form online, please contact the TDP at 416-642-3038 (Toronto area) or 1-800-575-5386 (outside Toronto) for a paper version of this form.
  • on00161
    MOH CYMH Service Description Schedules

    The Service Description Schedule is part of the Transfer Payment Agreement between His Majesty the King in right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Health (“the Province”) and the Transfer Payment Recipient. The Transfer Payment Recipient will deliver the programs and services in accordance with the requirements as outlined in this Service Description Schedule document in addition to all conditions and requirements within the Transfer Payment Agreement.