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  • 014-5053-20
    Tobacconist Registration

    For retailers that primarily sell specialty tobacco products to apply for a tobacconist registration.
  • 014-3233-87
    Seniors Co-Payment Program Application

    The Seniors Co-Payment Program Application is available on the Ontario Drug Benefit Program Online Applications and Forms website: https://forms.ontariodrugbenefit.ca/. If you are not able to complete the form online, please contact the SCP at 416-503-4586 (Toronto area) or 1-888-405-0405 (outside Toronto) for a paper version of this form.
  • 014-2451-67
    Application for Funding Home Oxygen Therapy

    To be used for all applications for Home Oxygen Therapy funding.
  • 047-2229
    Residential Tenancy Agreement (Standard Form of Lease)

    This form is a residential tenancy agreement (standard lease). Landlords of most private residential rental units must use this form (standard lease) when they enter into a tenancy with a tenant. Until February 28, 2021, a landlord and tenant may use either the old or updated version of the standard lease for their tenancy agreement. For most residential tenancies, new agreements signed on or after March 1, 2021 must use the updated standard lease, dated December, 2020.
  • 012-2195
    Verification Statement

    This form is required to be used by accredited verification bodies (AVBs) to provide a written declaration that attests to whether or not there is a reasonable level of assurance that: 1) a GHG report contains no material discrepancy; and, 2) the report was prepared in accordance with the regulation.
  • 012-2194
    Compromised Impartiality Assessment

    This form is to be used by all accredited verification bodies (AVBs) prior to completing the verification of a GHG report under O. Reg. 390/18 to assess the potential for compromised impartiality.
  • 014-4521-84
    Application for Prior Approval for Full Payment of Insured Out-of-Country (OOC) & Out-of-Province (OOP) Laboratory & Genetics Testing

    The OOC/OOP PA Program eForm is designed to be completed and submitted electronically for application for prior approval for full payment of insured Out-of-Country (OOC) & Out-of-Province (OOP) laboratory and genetics testing services. English and French versions can be completed online or downloaded and saved for future use.
  • on00673
    Post-Closure State Determination Request, Under the Mining Act

    A request for a "post-closure state determination” refers to a determination by the Minister in respect in a change in the use or condition of a site. This is for the purposes of clause (b) of the definition of “rehabilitate” in subsection 139 (1) of the Mining Act.
  • on00672
    Request for a Conditional Filing Order, Under the Mining Act

    If you do not meet a legal requirement at the time of Closure Plan submission, you may request a conditional filing order and submit the request form to the ministry. These orders are granted by the minister.
  • on00682
    Ministry of Education Private School Pre-Inspection Report

    To provide private schools with a pre-inspection report to be completed prior to inspection and submitted to the ministry.
  • on00681
    Pre-Inspection Materials Overview

    To provide private schools that are being inspected an overview of the process.
  • on00680
    Checklist for Outlines of Courses of Study 2024-2025

    To provide a course outline checklist for private schools being inspected to complete and submit to the ministry.
  • on00679
    Checklist: the School Course Calendar in 2024-2025

    To provide a checklist for private schools to use and submit for their school course calendar.
  • on00678
    Time Table

    Provide and example of a timetable for private schools as a reference.
  • on00677
    Appendix G and G.1 Pre-inspection Report Addendum for Online Schools

    Provide private schools that offer on-line courses the addendum that must be completed during an inspction year.
  • on00676
    Appendix F: Teacher Preparation for Classroom Inspection

    Provide private schools with instructions to share with teachers of schools being inspected.
  • on00489
    Supplier Facility Application

    A License is needed if you wish to operate a supply facility. Supply facility means premises that are used for breeding and rearing of animals to be used in research, teaching or testing. Please complete this application for a license to operate a supply facility under the Animals for Research Act. A license expires on the 31st day of December of the year of issue. Licenses must be renewed annually. A separate application and payment of fees is required for each supply.
  • on00488
    Research Facility Application

    A registration is needed if you wish to operate a research, teaching, or testing facility in Ontario. This is required if your premises uses animals in research, teaching or testing and your premises are used for collecting, assembling, or maintaining of animals in connection with a research facility under R.S.O. 1990, c. A.22, s. 4. Please complete this application for registration of a research/teaching/testing facility in full, as per section 4 of the Animals for Research Act. The Director appointed under the Animals for Research Act will approve applications for registrations in accordance with the requirements of the Act. A registration expires on the 31st day of December of the year in which registration is made. Registration must be renewed annually. If an application includes more than one research, teaching or testing facility, details must be provided for each facility in the application, and payment of fees are required.
  • 009-0233
    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program - Application for Approval of an Employment Position (Employer Form)

    This form is to be completed by Ontario employers who are supporting an application to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program under one of the Employer Job Offer streams. This form must must be given to the applicant to include in their application.
  • on00205
    Landfill Data Collection Form

    This form is used for annual reporting of landfill gas collection, methane destruction and/or use by large landfills in Ontario in accordance with O.Reg. 347 under the Environmental Protection Act.