Government of Ontario: Ministry of Energy

Application for Ontario’s Home Energy Audit Grant (“Program”)
Single Homes and Multi-Unit Residential Building Owned by Individuals


Home Owner Information

Residential Property Address

Province ON

For Multi-Unit Residential Buildings ONLY:
The evaluation is being coordinated by:

Mailing Address (if different from above)

The Grant

, the eligible cost of the Home Energy Audit

If the Eligible cost is greater than/equal to $300: Home Energy Audit Grant = $150.00

Terms of the Grant

  1. Home Energy Audit is defined as an energy assessment of a home conducted by an Energy Advisor employed by a Service Organization. A Service Organization is licensed by Natural Resources Canada (“NRCan”), according to NRCan’s residential energy assessment protocol’s standard operating conditions for home audits.
  2. The purpose of the audit is to assess energy efficiency of the dwelling; this is not a replacement for a full house inspection.
  3. Home Energy Audit Grants will be provided to eligible Ontario homeowners for approximately half the cost of the Home Energy Audit (excluding applicable taxes) and net of any discounts or rebates up to a maximum of $150.00 per Home Energy Audit. The issuance of grants is subject to availability of funding.
  4. Home Energy Audits must be completed in the period between April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012 and be performed by a licensed Service Organization.
  5. Eligible homes include detached houses, attached houses and low-rise multi-unit residential buildings. The eligible multi-unit residential buildings must be no more than three stories high and have a total area footprint of 600 square metres or less. Homes that have not been constructed are not eligible for Grants.
  6. After the Home Energy Audit has been completed, the Service Organization will submit an electronic and print copy of the completed and signed application to the Ministry of Energy, provide one print copy to the homeowner, and keep one copy for record purposes.
  7. For Multi-Unit Residential Building Owners: By completing this form, the homeowner authorizes the Energy Advisor to enter the home and common space to gather the data necessary for the home audit. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements with the building superintendent to allow the Energy Advisor access to the home and common space. If the unit is leased, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to advise the tenant of this home audit and obtain his/her consent.
  8. The homeowner is responsible for selecting and paying the Energy Advisor providing the Home Energy Audit.
  9. The Ministry of Energy:
    1. does not warrant that there will be any energy savings as a result of the homeowner proceeding with any recommendation included in the energy audit report and does not endorse the services of any Service Organization, contractor, service or product;
    2. is not in any way liable for the selection of materials, products, Service Organizations, services, contractors or performance of workmanship; and
    3. reserves the right to contact the homeowner to conduct audit checks and do quality assurance checks (such as satisfaction surveys, etc), to assess the application and ensure the proper payment of the Grant.
  10. Any overpayment or mispayment of any part of the Grant is to be repaid by the homeowner to the Ministry of Energy as soon as possible.
  11. Information regarding eligible improvements and Grant amounts are found on the Ministry of Energy website, or obtained by calling the Ministry’s Info Hotline at 1-888-668-4636. Questions may also be submitted to All participants are encouraged to frequently visit the Ministry’s website at for program updates.
  12. Notice of Collection:
    The collection of personal information is necessary to administer Ontario’s Home Energy Audit Program, which is authorized pursuant to subsection 8(1)(h)(iv) of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure Act. This program is coordinated with NRCan by the Memorandum of Agreement regarding the ecoEnergy Retrofit Homes Program. The personal information collected on this form, audit reports prepared by the Service Organization and data from NRCan will be used to administer the program, issue grant payments and to conduct quality assurance checks and statistical analysis. Information on this application will be shared with the Service Organizations. Name and property addresses will be shared with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) to validate property ownership. Questions about the collection of information can be directed to the Manager, Energy Efficiency and Innovative Technology, Ministry of Energy, 880 Bay Street, 6th Floor, Toronto, ON,  M7A 2C1 or by calling the Ministry’s Information Hotline at 1-888-668-4636.

Confirmation, Agreement and Consent of the Residential Property Owner / Authorized Agent

  1. I confirm that:
    1. I am the owner of the property; the information set out above is accurate and the Home Energy Audit was completed on the date shown below;
    2. I have paid for the cost of the Home Energy Audit, plus all applicable sales taxes.
  2. I have read and agree to the Terms of the Grant.
  3. I consent to the use and disclosure of my personal Information by the Ministry of Energy for the purpose of administering the Program, as set out above.
Homeowner Signature

Service Organization

On behalf of the Service Organization, I performed the Home Energy Audit on the residence referenced in this application, and I confirm that the information contained in this form is accurate and identical to the information in the electronic file being transferred to NRCan and the Government of Ontario.

Please mail this completed form to the Ontario Home Energy Audit Program Office, Ministry of Energy, 880 Bay Street, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON  M7A 2C1.
Service Organization and Homeowner are to retain a copy of this completed form.