Government of Ontario: Ministry of Consumer Services

Consumer Protection Branch
5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
Toronto ON  M7A 2E5
Tel.: 416 326-6203
Toll Free: 1 800 889-9768
Fax: 416 326-8810

Registration or Appointment
Requirements for New, Renewal
and Reinstatement Applications
(Businesses and Branches)

Bailiff Appointment, Bailiffs Act - Any person who acts, assists any person to act or holds himself or herself out as being available to act for or on behalf of any other person in the repossession or seizure of chattels or in any eviction.

Collection Agency Registration, Collection Agencies Act - Businesses who collect or arrange for payment of monies owed to a third party.

Consumer Reporting Agency Registration, Consumer Reporting Act - Companies that furnish personal or consumer information.

Requirements for all Registrations / Appointments –

For Bailiffs only –

For Collection Agencies only -

For renewals -

For Consumer Reporting Agencies –

  • minimum of two years actual/related experience in all phases of Consumer Reporting;
  • when the application is for a first time registration, provide an opening financial statement;
  • if the shareholder listed in question 5 of the Application for Registration or Bailiff Appointments another corporation, a separate application form must be submitted for each corporate shareholder.


A fee of $190.00 is required for Bailiff appointments and $290.00 is required for all other applications. Payments should be made by way of cheque, money order or credit card payable to the Minister of Finance. Note: Do not send cash by mail.

There will be an additional Service Charge of $35.00 for any cheque returned by a financial institution.

Fee exemption applies to Consumer Reporting Agencies who have a valid license under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act.

If assistance is required, contact the Registrar’s office at 416 326-6203.

Mail Applications to:
Ministry of Consumer Services
Consumer Protection Branch
5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
Toronto ON  M7A 2E5


  • A check of the Canadian Police Information Computer is conducted on all applications.
  • It is an offence for which you may be charged to make a false statement in this application. In addition to any charges that may be laid, a false statement will delay the processing of this application, and may result in its refusal.
  • Only fully completed applications, accompanied by all required documentation will be processed. All others will be returned.
  • If the application and fees are not received prior to the expiry date on your "certificate of registration", your registration will be terminated.