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Research Standard

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There is considerable overlap between the intent and direction of the Research Standard and the Collections Standard, such that good collections management will lead to useful research. The one key element that is required under the Research Standard is the museum’s ability to pursue research on its collections with reference to local knowledge, and good context for its artifacts.

When referring to a specific section of a policy document for the questions below, please provide a copy of the document, and identify the page number and paragraph number of the requested statement. Please provide the most up-to-date version of the document (signed and dated by the governing body of the museum e.g. Board of Directors) and please indicate when it was last updated.

Contact your Heritage and Museum Advisor if you require clarification.

Typed submissions are preferred.

Research Standard Assessment

Purpose of Assessment: To demonstrate relevant research practices on the part of the museum.

  1. Research Policy
    Submit a copy of the museum’s research policy.

  2. Research Policy
    Describe, in one page or less, the museum’s research activities over the last year.
    • Indicate how each research activity reflects the needs of the museum’s community, its site, its collection, or its public programs.
      (For example; Research was conducted on regional tinsmithing traditions in connection with a donated selection of tin artifacts, or research was conducted on historic wall finishes to inform the redevelopment of exhibits in a historic house museum.)
    • Do not forget to include research relating to museological disciplines (e.g. textile storage techniques or educational programming).
    • Where research is conducted in response to outside inquiries, note how this supports the museum’s role in the community.

  3. Support for Research Program (relates to Requirements 3, 4 & 5 in the Research Standard)
    Describe the ways in which the museum supports this work under these headings:
    • Provision of training
    • Provision of time
    • Provision of suitable workspace
    • Provision of a budget

  4. Provisions for Researchers (relates to Requirements 5 & 6 in the Research Standard)
    1. Describe facilities provided for outside researchers including:
      • Staff assistance
      • Workspace
      • Hours the museum is made available
    2. Describe precautions that are taken by the museum to protect artifacts from damage or theft by researchers.

Please send completed form to: Culture Programs Unit
Programs and Services Branch Ministry of Tourism and Culture
401 Bay Street, 17th Floor
Toronto ON  M7A 0A7