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Ontario Provincial Command
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Aurora ON  L4G 4C4

Application for Veteran Plate Eligibility Certification

Instructions: Mail completed form, photocopies of proof of service, fee and a self addressed stamped envelope to the Royal Canadian Legion Office to the address at the top of this application form. Make cheque or money order in the amount of $5.00 payable to: The Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Provincial Command.
For information concerning the status of your application, please call Tel: (905) 841-7999

Please Note: All previous holders of Ontario Veteran licence plates will automatically be grandfathered under the new eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Ontario Veteran Plate. Please check applicable box.

Veteran plates are available to any person
who is or has honourably:

Section 1 - Applicant Identification. Please print all information in BLOCK letters.

Date of Birth

Section 2 - Additional Documentation Required. Please check applicable box.

A photocopy of the following documentation must be attached
for the purposes of the Royal Canadian Legion only:

Please Note: These documents must be in English or French or a certified translation of the document is required.

Section 3 - To be completed by Signing Authority of The Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Provincial Command.

Please Note: To receive a Veteran plate, this application form (signed and stamped by the Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Command) must be submitted to a ServiceOntario centre.

I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE that the applicant meets the above requirements of a Veteran and is eligible for a Veteran plate.

Information on this form is collected under the authority of the Highway Traffic Act and is used to determine the applicant’s eligibility for the issue of a motor vehicle permit and number plates bearing a Veteran graphic or for the issue of a sample plate bearing a Veteran graphic. Inquiries should be directed to: Team Manager, ServiceOntario Contact Centre, PO Box 105, 777 Bay Street, Toronto ON  M5G 2C8. Telephone: 416 235-2999. Toll Free: 1 800 387-3445. TTY toll free: 1 800 268-7095.

This application form is available only in English or French