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Health Card Renewal – Child

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This information may be verified using information from government and non-government organizations as permitted by law. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care or its agent, ServiceOntario, may verify your residence status and any information you have given on this form and in the documents you have provided.

Collection of the personal health information on this form is for assessment and verification of eligibility for Ontario health insurance coverage, or related programs, health planning and research, and the administration of the Health Insurance Act and Ontario Drug Benefit Act. The information may be used and disclosed in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004, and as set out by the “Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Statement of Information Practices” which may be accessed at I understand that I may withhold my consent to the collection of this information, but that in doing so may interfere with the provision of my Ontario health insurance coverage. For more information, please call ServiceOntario INFOline at 1 800 268–1154.

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Government of Ontario


Health Card Renewal – Child

Read the instructions before completing this form.

  1. If you recently received a Renewal Notice for your child that indicated you could complete your child's health card renewal by mail, please mail the completed form to:

    PO Box 48
    Kingston ON  K7L 5J3

  2. If you recently received a notice that indicated you must visit an office to renew your child's health card, please take the completed form with you to a ServiceOntario Health Card Services – OHIP location.

    • Health Card Services – OHIP locations may be found on the ServiceOntario website or by calling the Health Card Information System.

    • If none of these locations is convenient for you, please call ServiceOntario at
      1 888 376–5197 and inquire about Outreach services for smaller communities.
      For teletypewriter (TTY) service, call 1 800 387–5559.

    • Also take your original document from List 2 and List 3 on the Ontario Health Coverage Document List. If you do not have an original document from each list, obtain them before you visit a Health Card Services – OHIP office. Please note that a document used for List 2 may not be used for List 3; two separate documents are required.

  3. If you are unsure whether you may mail your child's health card renewal form or if you need to visit a ServiceOntario location, please call 1 888 376–5197 for information.
    For TTY service, call 1 800 387–5559.

    For additional information visit or
    Call the Health Card Information System at 1 800 664–8988