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Human Resources
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There is considerable overlap between the intent and direction of the HR Standard, the Governance Standard and the Community Standard, such that good policies in Governance and Community will also ensure that Human Resources are considered. One key element that is required under the HR Standard is the museum’s ability to provide training for both paid and unpaid staff, thus ensuring that professional standards are upheld.

When referring to a specific section of a policy document for the questions below, please provide a copy of the document, and identify the page number and paragraph number of the requested statement. Please provide the most up-to-date version of the document (signed and dated by the governing body of the museum e.g. Board of Directors) and please indicate when it was last updated.

Contact your Heritage and Museum Advisor if you require clarification.

Typed submissions are preferred.

Materials to Attach

  1. Provide the current policy or relevant policy extract that acknowledges the museum’s commitment to training both its paid and non-paid staff to administer the museum and its collections, and to ensuring that all museum activities are carried out by appropriately trained staff.

  2. Please provide an example of a current job description for both a paid and unpaid (volunteer) staff position.

  3. Briefly describe the museum’s procedure for recruiting, interviewing and selecting candidates for paid positions, including positions funded by project grants.

  4. Please identify one position on staff (not the actual person’s name) that is currently certified to provide First Aid.

  5. Briefly describe how the museum endeavours to provide equal access to the workplace for staff of all abilities.

  6. Briefly describe arrangements for orientation and ongoing training & development for members of your governing body, and provide a sample of training materials such as a table of contents from an orientation manual, or agenda for a training session.

  7. List the amounts and percentages of your annual budget, including staff time, spent on the following:
    • In-house training
    • Staff attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences
    • Purchases and subscriptions for current professional reference material

Please send completed form to: Culture Programs Unit
Programs and Services Branch Ministry of Tourism and Culture
401 Bay Street, 17th Floor
Toronto ON  M7A 0A7