Government of Ontario: Ministry of Transportation

LCV Origin/Destination Location Application

Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) Program

1. Applicant Information

Mailing Address

Telephone No. (include area code)

2. Requested Origin/Destination Location
(only one O/D location may be specified per application)


3. Supporting Documents
Engineering Assessment of Route?


Written Municipal Consent?


Written Consent to use Prior/Shared Engineering Assessment?


4. Purpose of Application

LCV origin/destination (O/D) locations are taken to mean truck terminals, shipper locations or LCV assembly/disassembly yards in close proximity to the primary LCV network - within approximately 2 km. O/D locations will be considered upon application from an interested proponent. An engineering assessment must accompany the application for each O/D location for the entire route to and from the primary network (including highway ramps, all turning roadways, intersections, and entranceways to the O/D location). If a portion of the route was previously approved or will be shared with another proponent, applicants should work together through the engineering consultant to defray costs. If access to the O/D location involves travel on a municipal roadway or Highway 407 ramp, written consent is required from a transportation official of the municipality and/or 407/ETR acknowledging they are aware of the engineering assessment and do not object to LCV travel over the proposed route.

5. Submitting Application

Applications must be submitted electronically, with all required documentation scanned or converted to .pdf (portable document format) files, and sent by e-mail to:

Personal information in this form is collected under the authority of Section 205 of the Highway Traffic Act and is used to evaluate eligibility of conditions of Special Vehicle Configuration permit(s). Direct enquiries to: Weight & Load Engineer, MTO, Carrier Sanctions & Investigation Office, Oversize/Overweight Permit Section, 301 St. Paul Street, 3rd floor, St. Catharines ON L3R 7R4, 416 246-7166 / 1 800 387-7736.