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Commissioner for Taking Affidavits
How to Renew or Change your Appointment

This guide is intended for persons who hold a Certificate of Appointment as a commissioner for taking affidavits in the province of Ontario.

If you hold or have previously held an appointment and any of the following conditions apply, you must submit a new application form:

To obtain a new application package, visit


Each commissioner is appointed for a three-year term and, subject to the above, the appointment may be renewed upon request.

Send your renewal request at least two months before your appointment expires, but no earlier than six months before expiry. If your old appointment expires, you cannot commission documents until you receive a new copy of “Instructions and Notice of Approval in Principle” and purchase a new stamp with the new approved wording and expiry date.


A commissioner must notify the Ministry of the Attorney General, Legal Appointments at the earliest opportunity of any changes required to the wording of the stamp to ensure that the appointment remains legally valid. Changes can include:

Submitting Renewals and Changes

Submit your renewal or change request on your business or organization’s letterhead. Provide full contact information (postal address, telephone, e-mail and fax numbers) and include:


You can determine your fee payable by using the table below.

required to
wording of
other than
the expiry
Time until
expiry date
Ask for… Fee
Yes Less than 1
year, or
Re-appointment $75.00
Yes More than 1
No Expired Re-appointment $75.00
No Not yet expired Renewal $50.00
Employees of federal, provincial and municipal
governments, First Nations bands, and
Children’s Aid Societies
No fee

We can accept payment by cheque or money order only, payable to “Minister of Finance.” HST is not applicable.

If your current or most recent appointment includes any subsidiary, associated or affiliated companies, please submit a current list or chart of these companies for our records.

Send your request and the applicable fee to:
Ministry of the Attorney General
Legal Appointments Office
77 Wellesley St W., BOX 720
Toronto ON  M7A 1N3

Please allow four to six weeks for processing.