Government of Ontario: Ministry of Transportation

LCV Origin/Destination Location - Road Authority Consent

Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) Program

1. Road Authority Information

(“Road authority” is taken to mean the party having control over a roadway, including municipalities, Hwy 407ETR, etc.)

Mailing Address

2. LCV Origin/Destination Location


3. Consent for LCV Travel

As the road authority controlling all or part of this route, we consent to MTO allowing LCV travel on the portion of the route under our control.


Telephone No. (include area code)

Subject to Following Restrictions:


4. Consent Withdrawal

Road authority consent may be modified or withdrawn by notifying MTO in writing or by e-mail to: MTO must also be provided advance notice of any road work or alterations to the route which may impair LCV travel.

5. MTO Review

MTO will review the engineering and traffic assessment and may accept or reject the proposed LCV route based on the engineering assessment and road authority consent. If accepted, the location and route will be listed as an attachment to the MTO-issued permits of authorized LCV carrier(s). Note that MTO has sole authority to issue permits for this type of vehicle combination.

Personal information in this form is collected under the authority of Section 205 of the Highway Traffic Act and is used to evaluate eligibility of conditions of Special Vehicle Configuration permit(s). Direct enquiries to: Weight & Load Engineer, MTO, Carrier Sanctions & Investigation Office, Oversize/Overweight Permit Section, 301 St. Paul Street, 3rd floor, St. Catharines ON L3R 7R4, 416-246-7166 / 1-800-387-7736.