Government of Ontario: Ministry of Health

Form 21 Mental Health Act
Certificate of Incapacity to Manage one's Property under Subsection 54(4) of the Act

state that:


The physician shall promptly advise the patient of the certificate of incapacity by giving the patient a Form 33 and shall notify a right adviser

This form only applies in respect of a patient admitted to a psychiatric facility and not to an out-patient. Section 1 defines a "patient" as a person under observations, care and treatment in a psychiatric facility.

"Out-patient" means a person who is registered in a psychiatric facility for observations or treatment, or both but who is not admitted as a patient and is not the subject of an application for assessment.

A "psychiatric facility" means a facility for the observation, care and treatment of persons suffering from mental disorder and designated as such by the Minister.

6440-41 (00/12)